The best way to build your client description

What do you want to know about your best customers? 

When you are looking for your ideal customers, how do you know who to look for? Demographics are only relevant if they are relevant. And in so many cases, they are not. 

What you most want to know about your best customers is not their age, location, and gender. It is their wants, desires, and preferences. 

Your client’s demographics

Consider the following best customer description:

Need I say more?

Your client’s preferences

The first thing to determine is whether the client has a problem that you can solve. The best way to understand that is to learn what your client truly wants, not just in business but also in their personal life

Insight into your audience’s wants will reveal both their need for your services, as well as their preferences in matters like:

  • Do they want their problem solved in the way that you solve it? 
  • Will they enjoy working with you? Does your approach match theirs?
  • Do you value, respect, and appreciate the same traits? 

Your ideal client is somebody who doesn’t only need your service: it is somebody who also enjoys working with you and wants to buy from you specifically, despite having alternatives. 

What next

Can you tell me, off the top of your head, five things your clients want and five things your clients need? If this is a challenge, contact me to discuss Loyal Clients consulting and planning.