Endorsement Letters

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Atlanta Legal marketing

Business roles and process

Because of Rebecca, I have experienced a measurable and significant growth in revenue year over year, and even through a pandemic and recession, am ending my best one yet.

The influence of Rebecca’s fingerprints are inarguably a huge factor in the success of these innovations.

Jascon Conn, US Bank

Business process optimization

Your direction helped to eliminate duplication and grow my business in a real and meaningful way. Your strategic, deliberate process helped me to direct my efforts on deciding which tasks are important and which ones are urgent.


Estate Planning Law Firm

Business planing

My client called with an audibly noticeable lump in her throat after their first two hour session, and explained that she believed Rebecca had just completely changed her professional life.

Karen Armstrong - Realtor

Business priorities

Rebecca helped me establish my desired goals, identify standards for my business, and understand my ideal client. We worked together on checklists to clarify what items needed to be completed and who would be completing them.


Gotcha security

Business model

Instead of putting us through a standard one size fits all program, you are helping us work on the aspects that are most important to us. This allows us to focus on the areas that generate the most cash flow, while tweaking more long-term goals.


Rebecca's ability to zero in on what is important to my customers has really helped me to understand how to help my customers better.

Jason Wade

"Rebecca is a savvy coach and really can help businesses avoid mistakes BEFORE they make them. She has a warm personality and is knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend chatting with her about how she might be able to help your business!"

Jamie Fulsand
Focus Creative Services