What Is Your Next Customer Doing, Right Now?

How do you know who is ready to buy from you, right now?  How do you know who else would be willing to buy from you, if you managed to speak with them? How do you know who else would buy from you if only they knew that you existed? How do you know who…
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How To Balance Strategy And Culture

This blog is first and foremost about business strategy.  To create loyal customers, to nurture dedicated employees, to manage the business process, all comes down to a solid strategy. Within that strategy, some things are written in pen, and some things are written in pencil.  Company culture is written in pen.  And is written well…
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The problem with offering discounts

Discounts and low prices are not the same things. We all know the problem with competing on price, and discounts mean the opposite: the price is higher than desired, so a discount will allow the client to make the purchase.  In which case, discounts are a safe negotiation tactic, right? Wrong.  Let’s take a closer…
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Why You Need To Be Loud … Remotely

Working from home, remote working, staying at home while trying to work… whatever you call it, some version of the home office is probably here to stay.  When you were at the office, you were physically present and could be seen at your desk, in meetings, and doing all the work things.  Now your presence…
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How To Balance Working In Your Business and On Your Business Webinar

On Wednesday June 10th at noon I will be presenting a free webinar through the Ace Women’s Business Center. First, a word about Ace: Ace is a  Georgia’s largest small business focused community lender, offering financing and education targeting women, people of color, and low to moderate income business owners. ACE is certified by the…
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Goals Are Not Smart

Achieving work-life balance means knowing what makes us content, both in work and outside of it. Letting your employees bring their personal goals into the workplace will create a strong working culture, with a happy team.  The secret is having everybody use the same structure for managing their goals, so they can be aligned with…
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