What you don’t know about… Graphic Design 🎨

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash
Visual communication is effective, fast, and valuable. This much we established last week.  A fundamental component of any visual communication is design.  But what does that even mean?  Can I download some free graphics, commission, and off-the-shelf logo, and use Papyrus font for all my materials? Sure… I could… but I shouldn’t.  I sat down…
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What you don’t know about… Video Marketing 📽️

Visual communication has been around for a long time. Hieroglyphics, cave paintings, and ancient carvings were around long before alphabets.  Today we use video: on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and whatever new platform will be all the rage by the time this post goes live in a few hours.  So I sat down with Mohua Thakurta,…
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What you don’t know about… Translation 🔡

Translation is easy these days.  Google Translate can handle it. You’ll get an instantaneous result and you will understand what you’re reading. On the other hand…  We have all had the chance to laugh at a bad translation on a menu.  And as long as it’s just a menu, no big deal. But what if…
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What you don’t know about… Online Presence 🖥️

Just start
Pretend you own a store.  And your business runs from that store.  After you get a space, you put your name on the door, and then you go work from home. It seems like a huge waste of resources, right? If you’re not actively managing your online presence, you’re doing just that. I learned this…
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What you don’t know about… Hiring Risks 🤪

Hiring employees.  It’s risky business. It’s also necessary. Knowing the risks of hiring makes you less likely to run into them. This is why I spoke with Charlotte Merritt. Charlotte works at Insperity and her mission is to reduce employee turnover.  “​​Each time you hire – whether to backfill or grow, you are opening yourself…
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What you don’t know about… Contracts 📜

… all things that are probably on your mind when you go speak to your attorney about your commercial contracts.  And yet, that is not what most disputes are about.  Why legal disputes happen “Most contract disputes revolve around essential business terms such as scope, payment, delivery, and change management”.  So explains Tanya Osensky, of…
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