When you want to make bad decisions, follow these tips ✅

It is true that we learn more from failure than we do from success. When you’re looking to add to your failures and learn some great lessons, you want to make bad decisions, decisions that lead to more problems.  Wondering where to start? Here are some tips.  Panic Assume the worst will happen.  Let go…
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The 5 best ways to alienate your clients

Learn from your mistakes, examine your failures, and begin with your blunders.  We all know the importance of doing things incorrectly, as a way to learn to do them correctly. Thomas Edison is credited with saying: “I didn’t fail. I just found 2,000 ways not to make a lightbulb”.  Let’s embrace the value of finding…
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The single best business tool you can ever use

Adapt tools to your needs, not your needs to the tools.  When you turn to the tools, start with the best one. The one tool that will solve problems and get you started on every project. The tool from which any other tool can be built.  A list.  Why lists are the single best business…
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Buying software is not a business goal

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash
When you want to build a table, you know it’s not enough to buy a hammer.  When you want to make pizza, you know it’s not enough to buy a pizza stone.  You know that buying the tools is not the same as creating the thing.  And yet so often, when people want to build…
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Why does a small business need a business plan?

…  It’s just that… It seems like a lot of work. Especially for a small business.  To spend all this time writing out a detailed plan for the next five years when you can’t even predict the next 5 months, let alone stop working for 2 weeks to complete a plan that will live at…
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Stop punishing your best employees (😕yes you are)

Much like children or grandchildren: of course, you don’t have a favorite employee.  You support them all equally and appreciate each one for their individual skills and talents.  Now that we have established that, let’s look at how you are punishing your favorite employees.  Who is your best employee There is somebody who is always…
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