Consultant Corner – Rules for working form home

Remote work works! Rules and tips for being productive when working from home. Thank you for watching! For more tips on working from home, see my free Udemy course. ✅My Udemy Profile ✅My book:
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Branding: Personal or Business

What are you branding when you brand your business? Is it the product? Is it the culture? Or is it you personally? Yes, yes, and yes.  There are degrees to branding: all of what I mention above deserves separate consideration in terms of branding.  When you are a small business owner, it starts at the…
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Consultant Corner – Working at a Distance

How to self-distance when your business relies on networking and interaction? A few tips for virtual networking. ✅My book:
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ProWIN Webinar: Maintaining Productivity Through The Unexpected

ProWIN’s regular in-person luncheon for March 18th has been postponed. In its place, we have worked hard over the last 3 days to prepare a webinar open to members and non-members alike. Join Neelam Sharma, yours truly, and the ProWIN board for MAINTAINING PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH THE UNEXPECTED – BEST PRACTICES FOR WORKING REMOTELY. During this…
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Strategy – (Not) Using A Template

R G Brizi Business Consulting
The most challenging part of planning in business is reviewing our own assumptions.  We take a lot for granted about our business and we struggle to examine our situations in detail or see them from new points of view.  This is human.  What is a business leader to do? Templates to the rescue: something with…
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Consultant Corner – Chocolate on the pillow

Your clients expect more than your service: they expect a good experience. Think about your chocolates on the pillow. ✅ Udemy: How To Launch Your Business as a Freelance Consultant ✅Skillshare: How to Launch Your Business as a Freelance Consultant…
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