Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Is it worth doing? Then do it. In any way that you can.  Nike figured this out long ago. Want to get into better shape, want to learn a new sport, want to start a new fitness habit? Just do it. Buy the shoes and do it.  Because if it is worth doing, it is…
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Why your employees want to know your mission statement

How do your employees know why they do the things that do? How do you know why your employees do the things that they do? Are you giving them a good direction about where you want their work to take the business? Employees join a company to use their skills in a valuable way. But…
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How will your clients replace you?

Not all competitors are direct competitors. You are not only competing against people whose business cards have the same words as yours does. Your clients could also find a whole new option or direction that eliminates their need to hire you at all.  Understand how you can be replaced.  Replacement competitors There are various ways…
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How competitive are your competitors?

Two sentences that will grind your business to a halt: “Anyone is a good client” And “I have no competitors” Let me assure you that taking this approach will slow down your business growth rather than drive it. You should consider it good news to hear that neither statement is true.  Welcome competition In my…
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How to describe the technical benefits of your service

Your clients want to know what’s in it for them when they buy from you.  They want to know the benefits of using your service.  Note the plural use of the word: there are always multiple benefits and as a business owner or leader, you must know what they are.  Last time (link above) we…
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The jargon you don’t know you are using

What jargon is jargon? When does a word go from being simply a word to being almost nonsensical? What is the tipping point from “I’m talking” to “I have stopped making much sense”? I feel so strongly about the (mis)use of jargon that I have a whole series of jargon-related posts on this website.  My…
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