The Reviewing Buyer

Each buyer is inspired in a different way.  When buyers come to you, they will talk to you about your own services and try to use your language. But by asking the right questions, you can understand what has really brought them to your door.  Understanding their journey to get to you will allow you…
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The Proactive Buyer

Your clients find you in different ways and for different reasons.  Sometimes they have an urgent need for your service, sometimes a friend recommends you, sometimes they just happen across your website, and sometimes it is something you said.  The more you know about your audience’s buying triggers — in other words, what prompts them to make…
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How To Find KPIs

Learn the Lessons
Here is an excerpt from written notes I sent a client (shared, of course, with permission).  “As we refocus on growth, I am working to get a list of KPIs we need to track. What are the numbers that will show our growth?” My response Don’t start with the KPIs: start with the roles. Think…
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Effective Efficiency

We all want to be effective, and we all want to be efficient. Too often, these two qualities do not play well together.  To be more efficient, businesses cut resources and steps. Then, struggling to achieve results (i.e. seeing their effectiveness decrease), they throw money or time at the quickest fix available.  It is the…
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Why Ask Why – A Story

Making the right decision is never easy. One of the things that makes it difficult is that we so often are fixing the wrong problem.  Once a business problem becomes obvious to us, it has been through various stages of development. If we try to solve only the problem that we see, we risk solving…
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Consultant Corner – My Name (and yours)

How do you pick the operating name for your new business? A few considerations. Online learning is the best learning, check out my course pages:
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