We cannot solve the problems of the future

Because we don’t know what they will be.  Think of all the jobs that exist today but did not exist 20 years ago. Now imagine the other side of the coin: with all the new opportunities we couldn’t have predicted, think of all of the challenges that we won’t be able to predict.  We can’t…
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You only need two things to meet your goals ✌️

Motivation and support.  When you have the motivation to do the thing, and the support to get it done, you have the perfect formula.  Motivation means willingness, but it is more than that. Motivation is also the excitement of doing the thing, it means looking forward to it and being a reliable party.  Support means…
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Did your employees mess up? It’s probably your fault.

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash
Raise your hand if you ever had a roommate.  Keep your hand up if you ever tried to pour yourself a glass of milk only to discover there were only 8 drops left.  So you tell your roommate to please add milk to the shopping list when they finish it, and your roommate answers: “I…
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How to stay busy without losing your mind

A client recently told me that his favorite thing about working with me was the accountability it gave him. We created a new management plan, rolled it out to his employees, and then structured his management meetings.  While he enjoyed all this work, the knowledge of upcoming meetings with me, and knowing that the work…
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Why you should stop trying to be better

It’s a little bit like trying to be perfect. Trying to be better does not add value.  But wait: doesn’t better mean an improvement? Wouldn’t that automatically add value?  Yes and no.  Better is comparative to a previous version or an outside influence. Value is, remains, will always be, about the client.  Better and best…
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Decisions, decisions, decisions: start by saying no.

Decisions. What to eat for breakfast. How much coffee to have. Which route to take to work. What to listen to on the radio. What to do first. What to do later. When to take a break. Which shoes to wear.  Just some of the decisions we have to make within a few hours of…
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