Three ways to understand your clients better 🧐 (2/6)

There is only one way to offer a great customer experience: to understand your clients.  I mean really understand them. Not as a general category, or a demographic. Understand them as people and individuals, even when you tackle them as a group.  How do you do that? What does it mean to understand your clients?…
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How to always give clients what they want

It’s not you: it’s them.  Everything your business does is about your clients. And nothing your business does matters if it isn’t what your clients want.  In the words of the great Peter Drucker, the sole purpose of a business is to: “create and keep a customer“. You might have a great product, be a…
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Financial insight: an essential to grow your business

Your numbers tell a story.  It’s a story about the past, and about right now, and about what could happen in the future.  If your only in-depth look at your financial results is once a year when reporting taxes, it may be time to outsource financial reporting to an expert and so you can use…
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Customer experience: an essential to grow your business

You want to make your customer happy.  That’s not the same as having happy customers.  It doesn’t matter if your customers are simply happy people (although it’s nice). The important thing is that the actions you take contribute to their happiness. That’s what you want your customer experience to achieve.  What is the customer experience?…
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Operational efficiency: an essential to grow your business

Business growth is what we’re talking about, but to achieve growth, you must scale your business.  Growing your business means adding parts. More clients, more employees, more desks, more anything. Scaling your business means that your revenue increases, but your resources stay about the same.  For more on that see my post Why scaling is…
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3 must-know essentials to grow your business

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You want to grow your business.  Why else would you be in business if not for some type of growth? After all, growth brings you more than just revenue. It is also about new opportunities, new clients, additional products or services, stronger bargaining power, better talent, and especially: increased value for a future exit.  Growth,…
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