The fun factor: how to build your customer experience 🥳(5/5)

Benefits aren’t everything: complete your offering with a great customer experience.  I am obliged to eat every single day. Since it is something I must do, I am determined to have fun doing it.  Once your clients are convinced by your benefits, they still have to work with you on it all. Make sure they…
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Speak Like a Pro: Turn Technical Jargon into Tangible Benefits 🛠️ (4/5)

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash
You can make a client’s life better, you can make a client’s business better, but don’t forget to also make their work better.  Use your technical skills to ease their day-to-day efforts. It’s how you solve problems they can’t solve themselves.  These are your technical benefits.  Technical benefits It’s all about how you’re different from…
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You’ve got the brains, I’ve got the tools: let’s make lots of money 🤑 (3/5)

(Here’s hoping you read that with the Pet Shop Boys tune in your head) Businesses have to make money. But not for the sake of making money.  It’s money that makes a business survive, grow, and develop. The article we are referencing lists two money-related benefits you must offer: Other benefits can’t happen without these…
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Give the people what they want: the power of personal benefits 🎁 (2/5)

Humans are rational beings.  But not too much.  Around 95% of our buying decisions happen in the subconscious mind, not the conscious, logical mind, according to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman.  There is a scientific reason: our subconscious mind can process volumes more data than our conscious mind, so while we think we are considering 3-4…
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Why it’s all about the benefits: features work, benefits sell ❗️(1/5)

Nobody has ever bought a Coca-Cola because it is carbonated, dark, sweet, liquid, made from a mix of flavors, has a red and white logo, or is sold in over 200 countries.  People buy Coca-Cola because it is refreshing, tasty, and has a popular or nostalgic appeal. People buy Coca-Cola because of its benefits.  And…
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The magic happens inside the box: innovate to grow your business 🔄(6/6)

Innovation.  The magic, as we have seen, happens inside the box.  Innovation works best when it uses tools already available, allowing adaptation and evolution over time. Just like Shakespeare changed existing words to create new ones, let your business change existing ideas to create new success.  Innovation is internal Your employees are your greatest innovation…
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