How to check in with your employees

You want employees who are happy to work in your business.  You want to know that they look forward to coming to work, enjoy what they do all day long, and value your role as their boss and mentor.  We have already talked about the importance of “checking in” with your employees, to find out…
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Why you don’t want to sell quality

Look through the language you use to talk about your business.  Consider your website, your pitches, your business cards, your brochures, the way you introduce yourself at events and in interviews.  Now review all that language asking yourself a single question: what’s the alternative? “Quality” is not a quality message Imagine that you are about…
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Virtual Meeting Etiquette: update to my course

My online course on how to run better company meetings has been receiving regular updates in the COVID19 generation. The latest is a lesson and worksheet on the proper etiquette for virtual team meetings. As managers you want to ensure your meetings are just as effective remotely as they are in person. See a preview…
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Let’s talk about an entrepreneur’s biggest mistake

What is an entrepreneur’s biggest mistake? I was asked this question just the other day. And as much as I am not a fan of questions that require absolutes, I will still answer a question when it is posed.  And the answer to this one is: thinking they know what their customer wants.  One coin:…
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Find out what your clients fear

All of your clients want something.  All of your clients need something too.  And all of your clients also fear something.  They may talk about it, ignore it, or not even have thought about it yet. Still, they know that every decision they make involves some risk.  What are the risks Every decision carries risk. …
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Are you making your brand work for you?

What’s in a brand?  More specifically: what is a brand?  The varied definitions you will find always describe how people know and recognize a company. Whether it is a logo, a slogan, or a design, the visual brand is a symbolic representation of your company.  But humans are complex beings, and to every symbol, we…
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