The things in your business that you can’t control

In business, you have to focus on the things you can control.  Things like knowing how to pass the so what test, and creating systems for your three business pillars.  In part because your business will always be open to things that you can’t control.  Those sudden surprises, whether good or bad.  External surprises There…
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The three pillars of a sustainable business

When you search for images of an ancient Greek temple, most of what you see will have at least a foundation and columns remaining.  This image springs to mind when I think of a sustainable business.  The foundation is the mission.  The columns are the business pillars of happy employees, loyal clients, and business goals. …
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How to make your business pass the So What test?

New year, new you, new resolutions, new goals.  But all in the service of what, exactly? As you start the new year – or any new day – make sure you know why you do the things you do and why others should take interest.  Make sure your business passes the so what test. What…
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This one is all about you

Let’s talk about you.  “Best of the year” lists can sometimes seem a little self-indulgent. But really: when I am looking at the content you consumed the most this year, it is telling me something about you: what you are interested in, and what you are working on in your business.  So let’s get down…
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The two things that need to change

The new calendar year is around the corner. For many business owners, this means new plans, new goals, and new strategies. It means change.  But change is not a light switch you turn on the morning of Jan 1.  Change is a process.  How does change happen Change is hard. People are used to doing…
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Your next employee is exactly nothing like you

There are so many theories about how to decide who to hire.  Only hire somebody you’d want to hang out with on a weekend.  As well as Hire people who are completely different from you, and that you wouldn’t otherwise connect with.  And everything in between.  What’s a business owner to do? The hiring balance…
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