A Thrilling Journey: the importance of Adventure in your Mission Statement” 🗺️  (1/6)

Forbes says to start your presentation with “the concept” of your business. Or “what it is all about”.  Catch your audience’s attention early and get them excited for everything that comes after.  And that is why you want the concept to be more than an idea.  You want to show them your mission.  A strong…
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Why you have to write an investor presentation, even without investors 👩‍🏫

What are you doing this week to work ON your business, even for half an hour? How about starting a new investor presentation? What’s that you say: you don’t have investors? Well, that’s not the point. I want you to write this for you and your business.  But isn’t it meant for investors? Yes. In…
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Suddenly, your clients change their mind 🤷🏻‍♀️  (4/4)

Sometimes, your competition is your clients themselves.  And how they make decisions.  Because, of course, they can change their mind completely and not buy from you OR your competitors.  Replacements Your client’s life keeps happening around and beside and before and after their need for you.  In other words: you are not the only thing…
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The curse of too many options pushes your clients away 🫣 (3/4)

Your clients are not just choosing between you and that one competitor.  They are not just choosing between you and all your direct competitors either.  Your clients have options. All sorts of options. Too many options.  And it can be hard for them to decide how to spend their money.  Being good is not enough…
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How are you not like the business exactly like you 🔁 (2/4)

Unique Value Proposition
No two businesses are the same. People who offer the same product or service as you aren’t exactly like you.  With last week’s post, you defined your business in various ways.  Now it’s time to take that to market and see how it works alongside other businesses that do what you do.  Who are your…
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The easiest way to be better than the competition is to be different🦾  (1/4)

You will never be the only business offering what you offer.  You will always have competition.  Some of your competition will look and sound a lot like you. Some won’t. But they will exist and they will try to attract your clients.  What should you do? Be better? But better than what? And according to…
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