Which work should you delegate?

Delegation: it’s a chore.  Don’t you sometimes wish you could delegate the task of delegating? After all, it takes just as much time to have to explain something as it does to do it yourself.  Here’s a trick to make delegation easier and last longer: Don’t delegate tasks: delegate responsibility.  Start by deciding what you…
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Why scaling is better than growth for your business

Growing your business means adding parts. More clients, more employees, more desks, more anything.  Scaling your business means that your revenue increases, but your resources stay about the same.  More clients, but without more of everything else.  Why scaling is better than growing If doubling your client numbers means doubling the resources you need to…
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What do your clients do after you leave the room?

There is no fadeout, no ending music, no rolling credits.  After you leave the room, your clients’ lives go on, just like your life goes on.  So what are your clients doing after you leave the room? And why should you care? Nobody wants to buy your product It’s a common refrain on this blog. …
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How To Be (and not be) Innovative in Business

Your clients like what you offer. And you want to keep it that way.  But then, suddenly, your competitor metaphorically drives by in a shiny new vehicle with apps and features you had never considered. And now you also want that metaphorical new car.  How not to be innovative So you start developing your product…
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How to pick the worst clients

If a strategy is about knowing what not to do, then client profiles are about knowing who not to target.  Much of this will happen as a process of exclusion as you build your Customer Profile.  But that is not enough. There are certain traits you want to look out for, that make universally bad…
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Where do you get your best ideas?

A global pandemic is a rare and unusual form of disruption.  Although the whole point is that we never see it coming. Disruption comes from unexpected places, and even hindsight is often short-sighted on learning its lessons. Let’s walk through three lessons from three highly disruptive episodes of recent business generations.  Disruption story one: Uber…
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