Don’t forget your lesson plan for the office

You remember school, and then school ended and you had some training at work, and then you were the boss, and you started your own business.  At some point that formal “learning” ended.  But is “learning” actually complete? Continuous improvement If you answered yes then you are probably not a regular reader of this blog.…
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How to use WIIFM (what’s in it for them)

Trust your customers to know what they want.  And when you sell to other businesses, those are mainly business-related achievements.  But businesses are still run by people, and people are ultimately driven by the WIIFM urge.  Saying “what’s in it for me” conjured too many negative stereotypes, so allow me to debunk this impression right…
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Business Continuity: Why and How

The following is a recording of an online conversation I had with Tanya Osensky about business continuity: what it is, why it matters, and how to do it. I shared this as part of my Events list, but I am receiving always more questions about this subject matter, so it is worth highlighting as its…
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Competitive Advantage: Know Thyself

This saying from ancient Greek, “know thyself”, is often used as a warning against boastfulness. That’s good advice when it comes to describing your competitive advantage.  You don’t want a value proposition that merely says you are better than the competition. Indeed, you don’t want a value proposition that talks about your competition at all. …
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Enjoy being corrected: it means you learned something

Last week’s conversation with Mark Galvin on his How’s my ePresence podcast covered many different subjects, once of which was conflicting opinions in the workplace. It is not the first time that I have warned against the dark side of “hiring for culture“. When hiring, you want to make sure you are allowing for, and…
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Rebecca G. Brizi joins “How’s Your ePresence?” with Mark Galvin

Mark and I had a terrific chat for his podcast How’s Your ePresence. We covered it all: Why strategizing upstream will make marketing more effective What does it mean to bring diversity of thought into the workplace Let’s re-frame how we “fail” and “succeed” How does consistency make a business more effective See the video…
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