Comparing to the Competition

You have heard me say it before: innovation is about customers, not the competition.  If you are looking at your competitors to decide your next move, you are doing it wrong.  But that doesn’t mean that there is never a reason to look at your competition.  Sometimes you just want to look and compare: so…
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New website pages

Have you noticed the new pages on this website? Time for a new journey through Solutions What is the solution you are after right now? Happy employees, loyal customers, or achieving business goals? For each page see the service options: Consulting Training Online Courses Services Want to find out more about my service offerings?…
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Be the person you want your employees to be

Leading by example.  We all think we do it. But few people take deliberate steps to ensure this is true.  The best descriptions of how to “lead by example” are the ones that create visuals: Model the behavior you want to see Create a picture of what is possible.  Leading by example isn’t about what…
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Best of 2020

That’s right: this is a summary post.  The best of the year from my blog posts, YouTube videos, and products.  Blog Posts The four most popular posts of the year touch on all the main topics: keeping happy and productive employees, trusting your clients, (not) offering discounts, and, of course, remote working.  The only two…
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Time to assess your new year’s plans

New year’s resolutions tend to be a disappointment in search of a cause. We write them, we break them, we forget all about them. 2020 has been… whatever 2020 has been. We adapted, we updated, we pivoted, we persevered, and however things went for any of us, it is true that the year was unexpected for…
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Which piece of the pie are you?

Your client’s desire to buy from you hopefully knows no bounds.  But the thing that does have limits is budget.  Your clients can make more money, or move money around, but there is only a finite and specific amount of it available at any one time.  It is a set pie.  Which piece of that…
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