Consultant Corner – My Name (and yours)

How do you pick the operating name for your new business? A few considerations. Online learning is the best learning, check out my course pages:
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Success Is Not Final

Starting at a young age, we are led to believe that life is fairly linear.  You go to school, then you specialize your field of study, then you start working, then you get promoted, then you retire and start playing bridge.  At some point, we start to suspect this is not entirely true…  The way…
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New YouTube Channel Intro

Every Friday and Monday, I post new videos to the Freelance Translator Tips YouTube channel. (Fridays in English, Mondays in Italian). But what is this channel, who else posts on it, and what will you find? See our new intro video to find out:
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My Profile in VoyageATL

How always being just beyond my comfort zone made me good at my job. And more. Thank you VoyageATL for the profile.
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Five Sales Truths To Have Loyal Clients

We are all sales people.  Not according to our job titles or our job descriptions. But the reality is: we all have to be finding and bringing new clients to our businesses.  Whether you are the business owner or sales person specifically, if you play any role in developing new business, these five truths apply…
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Consultant Corner – Finding the Buyer

In B2B Sales, you are always selling to three people. Who are they and how are they different. My SkillShare profile and courses are all found here:
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