Feed The Soil, Not The Plant. (The Worksheet)

Having a great place to work makes people want to work there.  –> And when they want to work there, they show up happy.  —-> And when they show up happy, they do great work.  Make your business a great place to work.  And no: Friday pizzas and holiday parties won’t do it. Not on…
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Why Client-Focused Goals Drive Success. (The Worksheet)

Every business needs clients.  But what is something that is even better than clients? Loyal clients.  What makes clients want to come back again and again? The value of current clients Keeping existing clients costs less than finding new ones, so repeat business is a profit driver. But it is more than just that.  Loyal…
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How To Write Goals That Drive Employee Happiness. (The Worksheet)

Business goals are about success and growth. One thing you need to achieve business growth and success is happy employees. Because happy employees are productive employees, and happy employees are effective employees.  Happy employee goals Make sure your business goals, objectives, and aspirations include making your employees happy. It is part of your responsibility as…
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Tiny Wins, Big Results: How to Set Smaller Goals For Your Business. (The Worksheet)

“Shoot for the stars”. “Challenge yourself”. “The loftier the better” All things that people say about setting goals.  And I don’t disagree … in principle.  But don’t let it distract from the most important thing here: achieving your goals.  Big Goals When we become more concerned with our goals making us uncomfortable, insecure, overworked, and…
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Laser Focus, Bigger Profits: The Power of Niche. (The Worksheet)

Unique Value Proposition
Every small business needs management consulting.  But not every small business is a good fit for my management consulting. Much like not every animal with four legs is a cat.  Many small businesses worry about being too specific – too niche – in their market, for fear of losing business to competitors.  To quote the…
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Don’t Be Perfect: Be Valuable. (The Worksheet)

Every Tuesday, Tuesday On Your Business gives you ways to spend thirty minutes working on your business instead of in it. Step away from the day-to-day tasks of your work and spend time planning for the future, solving problems, and innovating. Starting today, I’m adding a weekly exercise to these posts and emails. For those…
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