Would you recommend working for you?

Even better: would you want to work for you? I want you to be very careful when you answer this question, and make sure you are thinking of your business as it really is, not as you want it to be. Your employees work in the reality that exists today, tomorrow, and every day. Not…
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How does everybody spend their time?

“I want all my employees to be in the office to Build better camaraderie Brainstorm more Make sure I know what they are doing“ If you’re in point three, where your employees work doesn’t matter. You still don’t know what they are doing.  What are people doing? It’s unlikely that you spend all day standing…
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Does everybody know your mission statement?

If I ask ten of your employees what your mission statement is, how many different answers will I receive? And how different will they be from your answer? Use your mission statement Your mission statement is a tool. Use it.  I am aware that many people see it as a form of PR, a “nice…
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Are you living by your guiding principles?

Leading by example is one of the main points of leadership.  You may have noticed: it’s in the word.  To get the behavior you want from your employees is to be the person you want them to be.  They can see you We don’t live in an episode of Big Brother, but we are being…
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Are you achieving all of your goals on time?

The next question is: does it matter? What’s most important to you when it comes to achieving your goals? Meeting a deadline Checking a “completed” box Creating new value in your business You probably know where I am going with this: goals aren’t about dates and times.  Goals add value to your business.  What has…
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The historical lens of lessons learned

One of the challenges of studying history, classics, and the past, is knowing how to read stories through the right lens: is it ours, or is it the lens of the time? Do you know how this comes up in business?  In your Lessons Learned.  Lessons Learned After a major project or process update, you…
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