The main difference is that as a consultant I focus on the business, while a coach will focus more on the person.

Buying one of my programs, you will receive a workbook with instruction, my notes and final report, and a full review of the work you do in our time together.

With ongoing consulting or retainer work, each meeting will be followed with detailed notes and action items.

Most professional services and general service businesses.

My 1:1 workshops last 2-4 months: we have three meetings together, with some work and deliverables after each meeting.

After a workshop, if you choose a retainer option to work through implementation, I suggest a six month engagement meeting once a month.

Beyond that, you can schedule meetings as required billed at my hourly rate.

You need a written document that states some core fundamentals: your guiding principles, your mission statement, your ideal market, and your employee programs. These are the “written in pen” documents that determine all other decisions you will make.