The main difference is that as a consultant I focus on the business - planning, process, management - while a coach will start by working on the person - leadership, productivity, self-belief.

If you are looking for personal leadership or performance coaching, then I can point you to some great people. 

For business improvements in the areas of having happy employees, loyal customers, and good business goals, drop me a line

A plan or process for the part of your business that we discuss. 

My work happens in the meeting with a client. We will spend around 90 minutes together working on the chosen topic. I follow this with a report that will include 

  • Your action items based on our discussion
  • Your expected results from those actions
  • A summary of key discussion points and changes

All work is monitored via a timeline that I will update after each milestone. 

Most professional services and general service businesses.

Feel free to get in touch whatever you do: if I am not the right solution for you, I can connect you with somebody who is. 

See each individual page under Services for the exact number of meetings and price for each project type. 

The work happens synchronously: we sit at the table (real or virtual) and work on your plan together. After each meeting you receive a follow up report with action items and insights. 

You need a written document that states some core fundamentals:

  • your guiding principles,
  • your mission statement,
  • your ideal market, and
  • your employee programs.

These are the “written in pen” documents that determine all other decisions you will make.