What I Do

Let's say...

  • You have a great product or service idea you want to turn into a business. Or…
  • You have an established business,  ready to launch a new product or revenue stream. Or…
  • Your growth curve is flattening,  and you need a strategy revision…

Who are your future clients?

How do your employees function?

What decisions do you have to make for the future?

Every business makes a promise: to clients, and to employees.

Ask 12 Italian grandmothers for their tomato sauce recipe, and you will get thirteen different answers. They will all use tomatoes, olive oil, basil… but the quantities will vary, as will the one special ingredient everyone has.

Every business has to have a loyal clients, dedicated employees, and business goals, but the specific recipe is unique to each entity. I examine each business to discover what their special, unique recipe is, and build a plan for all those separate ingredients to function well together, so business owners can focus on what they do best: their craft.

My Approach

When it comes to business, you are best served by a mantra of “it’s not me, it’s you”. Let’s shift the focus off of your product and on to your future clients so you can become a helpful partner and a trusted friend to them. We will build a strategy focused on growth, value, and easy accessibility by your clients. You will have a solid framework for decision making, leaving you free to adapt to new opportunities while you keep your value chain alive and effective.

My Philosophy

It’s my conviction that any particular challenge or problem must first be situated within the overall architecture and strategy of the organization. How will this decision contribute to corporate objectives and group priorities? How will this task contribute to the immediate goal? Only after answering these questions can we address the specific issue confronting us – what is my role, and how can I be effective and secure buy-in from my colleagues? What defines a successful outcome, what resources are required to achieve that outcome, and how will all those involved be motivated toward the same goal?

Whether you have any questions or know exactly what you need, please feel free to contact me anytime!

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