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Organize a management meeting at least once a quarter. Management meetings are your opportunity to evaluate the performance for the previous period, set short-term objectives, and resolve any concerns or issues. 

Whether on your own or with a business partner, take the time to pause and view your business strategically, to make your next decisions. 

Catherine's list of goals and ideas kept growing and growing. She and her business partner got plenty of work done every day, and their problem wasn't a lack of communication. It was just a lack of planning. She contacted me to organize all their ideas and see what they could tackle right away. We prioritized the list, reorganized her daily schedule, and now we meet quarterly to recognize her progress and plan the next initiative. Each quarter Catherine and her partner celebrate their accomplishments with their whole team. 

Contact me to schedule a one-time consultation to review your most pressing business needs, over a 90-minute virtual meeting, for $550.-



An outcome of the business planning that you helped me with was the realization that the business model I was in caused me to put out urgent fires instead of focusing on what is important.

Jason Conn

US Bank

Rebecca Brizi spends her time building leaders who have clear goals, clear responsibilities, and a clear process. ... always prepared with a clear mission and a great attitude, I'm sure she will inspire.

Brendon Hall

Sheldon Baker Group

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