Phrases for Business Success

Ideas That Beat Thinking Outside The Box

The business that runs itself: is it real? Is it just a dream? Is there a formula, or do we all have to figure it our on our own?
Yes, no, and a little bit of both.

The instruction manual to building a radio is a series of tasks. The instruction manual to building a business is a series of questions.

Ask yourself how you apply each of these phrases, to build a business that is unique, that is effective, and that feels like it runs itself.


What you will learn

You and Them

Everything you do in business is about somebody else. Even when it is about you. Nobody wants to buy your product, and It's not me, it's you.

Always and Never

Consistency is what builds a solid reputation. Do what you say, and Don't be perfect

Lead & Separate

Setting the example is about continuous discovery and improvement. Tradition is not a strategy and Beware of success

And tons of homework

Each phrase includes an exercise activity, to build your business.

What people say about it

Succeeding in any business environment is challenging. Rebecca's ability to break down in a clear, concise, and simple way provides a guide on how to build your business. Sharing experiences from her own life adds creditability to the content. This is more than a book to read, there is a lesson exercise at the end of each chapter so you have a concrete step to update your business one sentence at a time.
I encourage you to buy Phrases for Business Success, you will be glad you did - this is a Must Read!

"You might have only one product. But you have as many solutions as you have clients."
This book was full of useful nuggets like this one which really helped me understand how to rebuild my business plan. I look forward to implementing them!


Phrases for Business Success

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