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Why does your business need a value proposition?


  • Be known and well-liked
  • Increase repeat business and referrals from clients
  • Increase employee pride & satisfaction

A value proposition clearly explains what sets your business apart. Know how to easily communicate your business strengths and how to stand out in the market.

A value proposition will prioritize your work, so you spend time on the most important customer needs. When customers receive real value from a business, they remain loyal and recommend your company to others, leading to a virtuous cycle of growth, increased brand recognition, and long-term profitability.

Contact me to discuss your needs and my Loyal Clients consulting package, which includes 4 meetings, about 4 hours of homework, and costs $3500.- You will receive 

  1. a value proposition,
  2. a customer behavior description, and
  3. a competitive advantage description.

Raymond's phone rang frequently, with prospects on the other end of the line. The problem was: none of them wanted what he was selling. There was a mismatch between the message he was sending out there and the need he was trying to satisfy. Raymond contacted me to change his approach: we analysed his audience's needs and built a value proposition that would attract the right people. Raymond is now speaking to the right audience with the right words.


Rebecca has a strong understanding of how prospects think, and is very helpful in helping us find the best way to reach our specific market

Jay Hobdy

Gotcha Security

Rebecca's ability to zero in on what is important to my customers has really helped me to understand how to help my customers better.

Jason Wade


You will receive a competitive positioning description, ideal customer profile, and value proposition for your product or service. 

All the marketing, sales, and social media in the world won’t bring you the leads you want if you are not clear about what you do to make your clients' lives better. 

How can they know you understand them?

A well defined value proposition will give you a message that will resonate with your clients. You will be able to use it for sales, marketing, and many other functions. 

Contact me to get started. 

Your best clients are more than just a certain age group, industry, geography or other demographic category.

They all have a certain type of problem that you can solve. They also all want to work in a certain way, the same way you work. A good customer description starts with a definition of your customer context.

It’s time to trim! Let’s find your best customers: the ones who bring you the most money, the most referrals, and that are the most fun. As we craft the perfect solution for those clients, you will start attracting more of that perfect client profile.

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