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You don’t just want clients: you want loyal clients. Clients who love you, talk about you, and buy from you time and time again.

This is what happens when you stop focusing only on your product or service, and start focusing on your value.

  • What do your customers value? 
  • How can you promise them value, and know you can keep that promise?
  • What is your value proposition?

Whether you are entering a new market or simply want to improve how you talk about your business, let’s work together on building a value proposition that will make your customers raving fans.




Run your business with guidance, accountability, and structure. 

How does it work?

Together we will build a 6 month plan for improving how you communicate with clients and provide your service. 

After an initial planning meeting you will receive a report with the goals and tasks for improvement. We will meet monthly for the following five months and report on progress, fix any concerns, and decide next steps for the upcoming month. 

Pricing: $3300.- invoiced monthly

Training Program

Let's write your value proposition over a three part 1:1 workshop. 

How does it work?

Over the course of three workshops, we will discuss

  • What your clients truly want
  • What threats exist in the market
  • How your clients will buy from you

Each workshop includes a brief presentation, discussion, and hands-on activity. You will be given assignments in between, and a final report at the end of our program. 

Pricing: $2760.- Invoicing $500.- at signing and the rest after the second workshop.

Online courses

Prefer to learn on your own time? Try an online course:

CX: How to turn new customers into repeat customers. Learn

    1. Why Customer Experience is the most important part of your business
    2. How to create a customer experience that your customers will love
    3. A step by step guide to create your own customer support and service plan

Each course includes a final project. 

Need assistance implementing what you have learned? Hire me to review and finalize your final project: 

  1. Send me your completed project
  2. We will run an online discussion one week later
  3. You receive a final report

Pricing: $550.-

Report Sample

Report sample

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Tips, tricks, ideas and important concepts about creating loyal customers.


Rebecca has a strong understanding of how prospects think, and is very helpful in helping us find the best way to reach our specific market

Jay Hobdy

Gotcha Security

Rebecca's ability to zero in on what is important to my customers has really helped me to understand how to help my customers better.

Jason Wade


All the marketing, sales, and social media in the world won’t bring you the leads you want if you are not clear and coherent. A well defined value proposition will not only give you the message that will resonate with your clients, but teach you how to adapt that message to each situation, whether a sales conversation or a marketing tool, an elevator pitch, and more.

Your best clients are more than just a certain age group, industry, geography or other demographic category. They all have a certain type of problem that you can solve. They also all want to work in a certain way, the same way you work. A good customer description starts with a definition of your customer context..

It’s time to trim! Let’s find your best customers: the ones who bring you the most money, the most referrals, and that are the most fun. As we craft the perfect solution for those clients, you will start attracting more of that perfect client profile.

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