What you don’t know about… Graphic Design 🎨

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

Visual communication is effective, fast, and valuable. This much we established last week. 

A fundamental component of any visual communication is design. 

But what does that even mean? 

Can I download some free graphics, commission, and off-the-shelf logo, and use Papyrus font for all my materials?

Sure… I could… but I shouldn’t. 

Sarah-Anne Wildgoose graphic designer

I sat down with Sarah-Anne Wildgoose of SAW Design Studio to learn about the power and intricacies (and mistakes) of design.

How not to do it

Business pitch decks are a great example of how design can be misused.

“Typically, they consist of 95% words. The client is lost before the story even begins.”

Do I read the text or listen to the speaker? And why do I need both? And now I’m as confused as I am bored. 

 “A strong custom graphic image driven pitch deck engages and retains client attention communicating the message clearly so the deal can be made.”

 How to do it

How often do I use this space to talk about differentiation, about what makes you unique, about what makes you memorable?

That is what design does for you. 

Once you know your mission statement, your guiding principles, and who you are as a business, “custom, or unique graphics are a great way to differentiate a company in the marketplace.”

Why to do it

Look, I love words. Reading is my obsession and I’m one of those “let me read the book first” moviegoers.

Still, images are more direct and effective.

Visual imagery “is processed faster and retained longer than just words. People are also compelled by visuals, so it draws them in to spend time with the content.” 

Basically, great design lets clients interact with you and get to know you.

What next

Get your business foundation in order: who you are, who your client is, what you want to achieve. Then share that with a designer like Sarah-Anne who will be able to “successfully tell a clear, concise, and consistent visual story.”