What you don’t know about… Graphic Design 🎨

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

Visual communication is effective, fast, and valuable. This much we established last week.  A fundamental component of any visual communication is design.  But what does that even mean?  Can I download some free graphics, commission, and off-the-shelf logo, and use Papyrus font for all my materials? Sure… I could… but I shouldn’t.  I sat down…

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Why PR Loves a Happy Home: Strong Branding and Culture (8/8) 🔊

A strong brand, a great culture, wonderful people, and offering true value are all vital.  And so is telling the world.  Especially now that you have so much to share.  Enter messaging.  And to learn more about that, I spoke to the founder of SowGrow PR, the always insightful Stephanie Richards.  What messaging is Where…

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It’s Time To Deliver: the Official Meeting of Brand and Value (7/8)🎁

All of the best branding, values, and employees, will eventually come together in your final product.  What you do for the client.  How you improve your client’s life.  You explain all that in your value proposition. If your brand is the promise you make, your value proposition is the product you offer.  Value proposition Value…

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It’s much more than a logo: Branding ABCs (or act, be, see) (4/8) 🎨

We have talked about your competitive positioning and how important that is to your brand.  We have talked about your company culture and how important that is to your brand.  It’s time to talk about “brand”: what is branding, after all? To answer that question, I would like to thank the wonderful Kriston Sellier, founder…

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Branding from Within: The Reasons of Mission and Values(3/8) 🎇

R G Brizi Business Consulting

We all agree that your business has a brand.  And we all agree that your brand must reflect your culture.  So… what is your culture?  It is not enough to say “good”, “bad”, “friendly”, or “serious”. If you want your brand to be a true reflection of your culture, you have to define it clearly. …

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