Stand Out, Don’t Compete: How Differentiation Wins for Small Businesses. (The Worksheet)

Unique Value Proposition

Small businesses require a lot of creativity. 

Especially in terms of competition and how to stand out.

The best way for a small business to do this, is to minimize direct competition, by working on differentiation. 

How does your business stand out in a crowd?

Differentiation creates opportunity

Imagine two lemonade stands. Right next to each other. Being managed by two identical twins. 

One offers sweet lemonade. The other sells lemonade with no sugar. 

One lets you keep your cup and take it home. The other takes your cup back and recycles it. 

One required cash payment to the stand manager. The other allows communication-less payment via an app.

Each stand will attract a different buyer, and each buyer will be happy with their experience. 

And at the end of it all, they both got the same thing: lemonade. 

Differentiate your business

Find out what makes you unique.

It isn’t always a single feature. In fact, it is better for your business if it is a combination of features. 

Use the worksheet to decide what is particular about you in the three main areas of Product, Service, and Audience. 

What next

Make your marketing team happy: hand them a detailed and consistent Value Proposition. Call me for a $3500 Value Proposition writing project to include your ideal differentiating points, your ideal customer, and your customer roadmap.