The Unexpected Tool for Cultural Brilliance: Your Organizational Chart (5/8)🏢

How do you make sure you keep your promises?

Your brand is a promise to employees

Now you have to keep it. 

Every interaction you have with the public should reflect your brand, and therefore your culture.

Enter: the organizational chart. 

Organizational chart

That’s that diagram that shows everybody’s job titles and has lines going from one box to another right?

Sure, it can look like that. But a proper organizational chart is so much more

It is a description of 

  • How your business works
  • How your people interact
  • How you provide your services

And more. 

Org charts and culture

A well-designed organizational chart will include your company’s mission, your guiding principles, and the promise you make to clients. 

An organizational chart is a key part of your business’ identity. 

It’s about describing what roles matter, how they interrelate, and how they succeed.

Org charts and branding

If your branding is all about technical expertise, then your organizational chart should show high levels of specialization. 

If your branding is all about innovation, then your organizational chart should show a lot of internal interaction. 

If your branding is about being customer-centric, then your organizational chart should show roles that move information from clients to internal teams. 

Your organizational chart

Show why your roles are important, how they interact, and what your business looks like.

What next

Did you download an online org chart template with common job titles and go from there? Let’s start over: let’s make your organizational chart a reflection of your business.