An inseparable connection: there is no brand without culture (1/8) 🌟

Branding is important. 

Company culture is important. 

But what is most important is the relationship between branding and company culture. 

What is that relationship? 

They have to be consistent. They have to work well together. Each one proves that the other is true. 

What is a brand

A brand is not just a logo or a catchy slogan.

A brand is a promise you make to your clients. It is how you deliberately present yourself to your market, and how you want them to see you. 

And once you do that, your brand determines how those clients expect you to be and to behave. 

In short: your brand is how people identify you.Β 

What is culture

Culture is how your employees experience it all. 

Your company culture is about the work environment you create, and the internal relationships between your employees. It comes from the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors in the company.

Culture is what makes your company a great place to work. (When you get it right). 

Brand + Culture

The fact is: your culture and your brand influence one another. Whether you want them to or not. 

When a business tries to develop brand and culture separately, or to build one but not the other, that is when conflict arises. And your clients will pick up on that: they will be able to see if the promise you make them doesn’t match how people behave. 

A bad culture will harm your brand. 

An undefined brand will weaken your culture.

So develop both and make them consistent. 

What next

How, you ask?

Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed over the coming weeks, when we will cover essential elements to match brand to culture, including:

  1. Competitive positioning
  2. Your mission statement and principles
  3. Branding essentials
  4. How you and your team work
  5. Hiring the right people
  6. Your value proposition
  7. And messaging