Fix your marketing: add your brand

Pretend, for a moment, that you are in the business of pens. 

Now pretend that you are planning your marketing efforts for your pens. 

And you come up with the message you want to get out there:

We sell pens

With that message, what makes somebody buy your pens rather than somebody else’s? Price, proximity, and other low-loyalty motivation. 

You are more than your product

It is never enough to say: “I sell pens.” Or “I am a personal injury attorney,” or “I am a CPA” or “I am a graphic designer.”

When all you can tell people about your business is what you do, you remain interchangeable with everybody else who does what you do. You are not giving buyers a reason to look for you, come to you, pay more for you, or make any effort at all. 

And the last thing you want is for people to buy from you because you are the cheapest option.   

You are your brand

This blog and my content in general emphasizes the importance of talking about your client when you are talking to your client. 

There comes a point, however, when you have to explain what you do and how you benefit that client. 

When that time comes, lead with your brand. 

Your brand is how people identify you, how they know this is your business and not just any business that “sells pens”. 

What do you want people to know about you, your business, and even your product, beyond simply what that product is? 

Be that business, and let people know. 

Let’s write your

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