Don’t Be Perfect: Be Valuable. (The Worksheet)

Every Tuesday, Tuesday On Your Business gives you ways to spend thirty minutes working on your business instead of in it.

Step away from the day-to-day tasks of your work and spend time planning for the future, solving problems, and innovating.

Starting today, I’m adding a weekly exercise to these posts and emails. For those of you familiar with my book, Phrases For Business Success, you know what I am talking about. 

What to do

Don’t be perfect. 

Be valuable. 

If I had to choose a single sentence to give as a tip to business owners, this is probably it. 

Take your service or skill or product. 

And then review it from your clients’ perspective: how does it bring them value?

Why to do it

Running your small business shouldn’t be a constant slog. 

My aim is to make you

  • Simplify decisions – Ditch the overwhelm and focus on what matters.
  • Have fun again – Work to your strengths, and
  • Take action – Get clear next steps that keep you moving forward.

How to do it

With this exercise in the document attached below. 

Fill it in and let me know how it goes. Share your results in the comments on the website and let the world know how you create value.

What next

Want to know more about how running your business should be simple, fun, and actionable? Check out the video related to this exercise. 

And contact me to talk about how to improve your value proposition.