Tiny Wins, Big Results: How to Set Smaller Goals For Your Business. (The Worksheet)

“Shoot for the stars”. “Challenge yourself”. “The loftier the better”

All things that people say about setting goals. 

And I don’t disagree … in principle. 

But don’t let it distract from the most important thing here: achieving your goals

Big Goals

When we become more concerned with our goals making us uncomfortable, insecure, overworked, and stretched to the limit, we forget the main point of our goals.

The point of setting a goal isn’t the goal. 

The point of setting a goal is to achieve that goal. 

Your goal is more important than being uncomfortable with it.

Small Wins

Let your long-term vision guide your goals. Then set daily, weekly, and monthly goals you will achieve. 

If your dream is to run a marathon, and right now you can’t run around the block, then tomorrow’s goal isn’t “run a marathon”. Tomorrow’s goal is to “run around the block”. 

Set the goal you will achieve, then cross it off the list, and set the next goal you will achieve. 

Just like in your business. 

Big results


Download the worksheet and start with the vision you have for your business. 

Then follow the worksheet to break it down into smaller and smaller parts, until you get to the task you can 100% achieve tomorrow. 

And for more about setting smaller goals, see this week’s Consultant Corner video.

What next

Setting goals and defining your vision isn’t easy. Call me to arrange a two-part Goal Setting workshop that will include your whole team.