Feed The Soil, Not The Plant. (The Worksheet)

Having a great place to work makes people want to work there. 

–> And when they want to work there, they show up happy. 

—-> And when they show up happy, they do great work. 

Make your business a great place to work. 

And no: Friday pizzas and holiday parties won’t do it. Not on their own, anyway. 

Make your business a great place to work: at all times, every day. 

What is the soil

The title of this post is derived from a saying in agriculture.

Healthy soil, with the right nutrients and the right balance of nutrients, will produce great plants. 

In other words: creating great-tasting, nutritious, and valuable plants (for food) doesn’t start with the plant. It starts before the plant. 

It starts with the soil from which the plant will grow. 

And it depends on the whole ecosystem involved. 

What is your company’s soil?

Your business is no different. 

Your employees – your plants – need a work environment that supports their best performance.

That is an environment that is honest, open, and consistent. 

There is not a single right or wrong formula for a great company culture. Every company can have its own. 

What matters is that the culture is deliberately established, shared, and maintained. 

Feed your soil

What is the right combination of nutrients to work with the particular soil in your plot of land, and to grow the particular crops you need to grow?

In other words: what is your particular company culture? 

Can you define it in 3 lines?

Well, now you can: download the worksheet for a simple exercise to create a company culture that sticks. 

What next

And how do you make it stick? 

You give me a call and we will work on your operational plan ($3500), including defining your culture and getting you to grow happy, productive, and productive employees.