How To Write Goals That Drive Employee Happiness. (The Worksheet)

Business goals are about success and growth.

One thing you need to achieve business growth and success is happy employees.

Because happy employees are productive employees, and happy employees are effective employees. 

Happy employee goals

Make sure your business goals, objectives, and aspirations include making your employees happy.

It is part of your responsibility as a business owner. 

We know that people are motivated by ownership, responsibility, and personal growth. 

(For more on this see the related Consultant Corner video)

What can you do to offer them these things?

Make them excited about work

By connecting your business goals to your employees’ strengths, you give them that opportunity. 

You let them see their efforts come to fruition, you let them grow, and you let them do what they do best.

Connect your goals to their strengths

When you write your goals, remember to use your employee strengths to guide your decisions. 

How? Download the worksheet to:

  • Start with your preferred goals. 
  • Brainstorm your employees’ top strengths (a collaborative process)
  • Connect the dots between strengths and goals

What next

Do your employees know what their strengths are? Do they know how they want to spend their time? Call me to arrange a half-day, $1390.- workshop to train them on writing their own goals in your business. 

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