The People Equation: Branding + Hiring = Formula for Double Success (6/8)🤩

Have you noticed a common theme throughout these branding posts? It keeps coming up even if not explicitly. 

What am I talking about?


It’s always all about people. 

How people in your company behave. How people in your company work. 

People and branding are tightly intertwined. 

Branding or hiring, which comes first?

A strong and consistent brand will make hiring easier. It tells candidates that you know who you are, you do what you say, and it gives them insight into what they can expect working with you. 

On the other hand… 

The right people make your brand strong and consistent. When your priorities and guiding principles come naturally to your team, you are reinforcing the promise you make. 

So what should you do?

Brand for hiring

Forbes magazine says that 75% of job seekers will look up and consider a company’s reputation when applying for a job.

You want people to apply for jobs with you. You want people to want to work for you. 

And you want the right people to want to work for you. 

A well-crafted brand will send the right message to the right people about your workplace. 

Hire for branding

No brand efforts can withstand the wrong employees. 

The promise you make to clients has to be upheld in every interaction those clients have with your business. You want the right people and the right training to do just that, and to represent the brand naturally.

Work them together

Hiring influences branding, and branding influences hiring, so they work best together.

What next

What is your biggest challenge in hiring right now? Let’s talk about what’s missing from your planning.