How Delegation Drives Employee Engagement and Trust in Your Small Business. (The Worksheet)

Trust me, I get it: of course, you can’t delegate work. 

You would like to delegate work, it would be great if you could delegate work, but it isn’t that simple, is it?

Why you don’t delegate

Where to even begin? 

  • People will do it all wrong. 
  • I will be disconnected from work. 
  • I should be doing it. 
  • It slows us all down. 
  • Besides: I don’t want to impose.*

*This is my favorite, for more on this see this week’s video.

Why you should delegate

The problem is: that none of that is true. 

IF: you delegate properly. 

And you really should delegate properly. 

  • It makes your life better:
    • You get more done
    • You worry less
    • You do what you do best
  • It makes your business better:
    • Use the right people for each job
    • Improve productivity
    • Increase innovation
  • It makes your employees better:
    • They get new training
    • You trust each other more
    • They bring new ideas to the work

How you should delegate

Figure out what you should do, and, as a consequence, what you should not do. And then decide who should do it instead. 

This week’s worksheet shares a thought exercise to parse out the necessary jobs at your business and the right way to tackle them. 

What next

Let’s work on this together: all this and more in a full operational plan. Contact me to know more

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