How to Boost Employee Engagement: The Engagement Equation. (The Worksheet)

You poured your heart and soul into your business. 

It’s your baby, as they say, and you want everyone on your team to feel the same way. 

But that doesn’t happen overnight. 

Sure, they might be excited to join you and to be part of your vision. 

But it takes time to truly own a place, to feel that “this is mine” spark.

Involve your employees

You are excited about your business because it is yours: you feel ownership of the work and the results. 

Now you have to make your team feel the same way. 

What can you do to give them more than a job, to give them a mission and a growth plan that excites them every day?

Engage your employees

By making their jobs as much about them as they are about the business. 

By basing each person’s job on their strengths. 

By helping them understand how they contribute to business success. 

And you can start all that by using this week’s worksheet

Use full sentences to write your employee’s strengths next to a list of what you need for their role, and then connect the dots. 

Create roles based on what each person brings.

What next

To do that, make sure you have well-defined roles and success criteria outlined for your business. Contact me for a $3500 operational plan to lay the foundations for success.