Feed The Soil, Not The Plant: Client Version. (The Worksheet)

Having a great place to buy makes people want to buy from there. 

It is not just your employees who thrive in a good environment. 

Your clients do too. 

There will always be another version of you: another law firm, another restaurant, another hair stylist, another marketing agency, another everything. 

It’s three things: value, quality, and – most importantly – service that make people want to buy from you.

What clients want

There’s also a plant and its soil in your buying experience.

It used to be that people made buying decisions based on the product they needed and the price that it cost. 

That has changed. 

Now people value the experience and the service at least as much as product and price – possibly more. 

Expectations are higher, as options have increased.

What clients get

How are you “feeding the soil” of the buying experience?

What does great customer service mean to you? What does a great customer experience mean to you? And what are you doing to provide exactly that?

Download the worksheet to work on feeding your customer experience “soil”, and make sure it works nicely with the results of last week’s worksheet on your employee “soil”. 

What next

Is customer experience getting away from you? Let’s talk about the process you are using to give customers what they value most and build your value proposition from beginning to end for $3500