What you don’t know about… Advertising 📺

Advertising… that sounds big, right?

Superbowl ads, Billboards, Times Square… In other words: big budgets and big business. 

Not really: advertising is for every business, big and small. 

To understand more about this often-elusive topic, I spoke with Matt Spett of Rebel Fox, an advertising agency present in Atlanta and Pittsburgh.


Matt explains that advertising is communication. It is everything the public sees that is about your business. 

The key is to make it intentional and impactful.

Advertising is “the act of evoking a feeling in a viewing audience”.

That feeling is a first step. It should lead to  “some kind of actionable response from that viewing audience”. 

The goal of advertising is to make a connection and get people to take action.


So far so clear. 

But what about everything else you are already doing in this area?

What’s the connection between advertising, marketing, and PR?

They all are important parts of a full puzzle for a business:

  • Good design will help [the message] break through.
  • A media plan will pinpoint … an important audience or demographic.
  • Marketing is all of the science and preparation that goes into why a piece of advertising even exists in the first place.

Advertising works best when these other elements are in place.

Where to start

Know your goals. 

Start with your business: what are your top priorities this year? Why are they important? What’s your plan for getting there?

Now you’re ready to work with Matt on your advertising plan. “We bring a lot of new information to the table, so [you] should be all-in, collaborative, and willing to learn from us … to achieve the success we’re all working so hard for.”

What next

Have you built your annual plan yet? 

Let’s start there, for $1450 we will set your priorities, and then you will be ready for your next advertising campaign.