It’s easy to find out what your clients value

Value is a highly subjective attribute. 

It is about significance, worth, and usefulness. And each person makes these determinations in their way. 

When you are writing your value proposition, and are deciding what your clients want to accomplish, don’t forget to consider their personal needs. 

Personal Value

When I train clients on writing their value propositions, we always dedicate time to what their audiences value in their personal life as well. 

Personal value is about the individual rather than the business or the team or group of people. Personal value is all those things an individual thinks about but probably doesn’t say out loud, because they have nothing to do with your product. 

What is personal?

Try to put yourself into the mind of your client when they are across the table from you. 

What are they hoping for?

It might look something like: “if we pull this off I will probably get that promotion.” 

Or “getting this service in place means I can leave the office early on Thursdays to catch my daughter’s soccer games.”

Or “if I can outsource this work, I can spend time on the work that I find more interesting.”

Or even “maybe I can finally take that holiday!”

Personal values are outcomes

These are all things that you can make happen for your client. 

The better you understand these desires, the better you can serve them, and the happier your clients will be. 

Give proper attention to your client’s life as a whole, and understand how you make it better, even when it has nothing to do with your product. This is how you create loyal customers.

What next

Make sure your Value Proposition is appropriately customer-focused. Contact me for a $900 training session on writing your brand new, targeted, refreshed Value Prop.