What do your clients do after you leave the room?

There is no fadeout, no ending music, no rolling credits. 

After you leave the room, your clients’ lives go on, just like your life goes on. 

So what are your clients doing after you leave the room? And why should you care?

Nobody wants to buy your product

It’s a common refrain on this blog. 

People are not jumping out of bed every day with the excitement of buying from you. 

They are jumping with the excitement of what your product will allow them to do. The outcome of your product.

They are excited about what happens after you have left the room. 

What your clients want

Your product (or service) is a means to an end. 

By applying what you offer, your clients will unlock an opportunity or activity that allows them to achieve some goal they have set for themselves. 

That achievement, that thing happening, is what proves the value of your product. 

And you don’t even see it happening! 

What happens after you leave the room

The magic. 

This is where the solution turns into a result and your client sees their life improve. 

Focus on understanding this stage of the process, what makes your clients smile – to prove to your clients that you truly get them and that what you are offering is all about them. 

What next

What do your clients do after you left the room? Let’s find out together, schedule a 30 minute discovery call to see where you are now and what is missing.