Innovation happens when you think inside the box: start with the everyday

Innovation happens when you are good at something you do… and then you do it a little bit better. 

Innovation matters because it ensures that you are always doing things in the best possible way. “Innovation is about tweaking systems that are already faring well”, according to Business News Daily.

It’s the little changes you make because you know they’ll improve your business. 

Where innovation comes from

Innovation comes from doing the things you do every day. 

While you work, you think about what you do, how you do it, and whether it’s getting you the results you want. With that reasoning, you try a few changes and make a little adjustment, and you come up with an even better way. 

Voilà: you have innovation. 

How to let innovation happen

But wait: you can’t be doing that for every part of your business. Maybe this is why large businesses have whole departments working just on innovation. How do you stay innovative in a small business if that’s what’s needed?

As it turns out, you do have an innovation department. It is your employees. All of them, who already work for you. 

The best way to keep innovation alive in your business is through continuous training and development of your employees. 

Make it easy for your people to keep learning. 

Make it easy for them to present you with new ideas. 

Make it easy for them to become experts, and be the ones to find a new way to do what you are doing. 

How to recognize innovation

Innovation happens inside the box.

It is not about creativity, and it is not about the new idea, but rather about how all these things contribute to what already exists. 

What next

Give your people the freedom to work inside the box. Let’s talk about what we can do to give your employees ownership of their roles.