Some people choose the generic option

Let’s be honest with one another: we all want to be the “premium” offer. 

When we think of why people buy from us, we are hoping they won’t say “this is the cheap, generic option”. 

But then, some buyers do want to buy the generic offer. 

What is the difference between our offer and the generic one? 

And no: “premium” is not an answer. 

Know what can replace you

What is the DIY option in your field? 

What is the non-branded option or the mass-market option?

What is the appeal of these offers? Why do clients select these options? 

A short answer is “to save money,” and the follow-up question is, “why do they not think this service is worth more than that?”. 

Understand who chooses this option and why, so you can understand what sort of threat it might pose to your business. 

Know your difference

There are always other options available to buyers. You want to know what they are, so you can know how you are different. 

And then, you will know why people choose you. 

Of the people who choose the generic option, how many of them would turn to you if they only understood the real difference?

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