Competitive positioning: the formula to control the things you can’t control (2/8) 🕹️

There are a lot of people out there. 

And a lot of businesses. 

And a lot of businesses say they offer what you offer. 

And you can’t control any of it. 

It’s up to you to make your business stand out among all these other competitors.

That’s why you want a solid brand. 

Your position

Figuring out your exact competitive position requires a mix of brainstorming and research. 

You have to know your strengths, your unique qualities, your culture (there it is!), and your principles. 

(Follow the link, there are plenty of tips on this blog for ways to brainstorm about this).

You have to know the marketplace, who else is out there, what the buyers’ environment is, and how people make decisions. 

Your advantage

Then tell the world a little about yourself, how you’re different, and what’s special about you.

Because the best way to be better than the competition is to be different from the competition

When you know what makes you you, the competition becomes less scary and less threatening. You know who you are and you show up with confidence. 

Your control

Your brand is what gives you that confidence. 

Your culture is how you exhibit that confidence. 

And that is another reason why your brand and your culture have to match. 

What next

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