The easiest way to be better than the competition is to be differentšŸ¦¾Ā  (1/4)

You will never be the only business offering what you offer. 

You will always have competition. 

Some of your competition will look and sound a lot like you. Some wonā€™t. But they will exist and they will try to attract your clients. 

What should you do?

Be better?

But better than what?

And according to whom?

And what does that marketing message look like? 

ā€œHire us: we are better!ā€

It doesnā€™t exactly pull at the heartstrings. 

Be different

Different is objective. 

Different is something you can control. 

Being different means knowing yourself and presenting that to the world. With confidence. 

Start with you

  • First, define what makes you, you.
    • What is the mission your business is on?
    • What are the standards and principles of behavior?
    • What is the unique value you offer clients?
  • Once you know who you are, you can look outwards to establish your place in the market. 

Stay tuned over the next 3 weeks for how to create your competitive position. 

What next

Can you describe how your business is unique without making any comparisons? Schedule a free call to test your current pitch.Ā