How does everybody spend their time?

“I want all my employees to be in the office to

  1. Build better camaraderie
  2. Brainstorm more
  3. Make sure I know what they are doing

If you’re in point three, where your employees work doesn’t matter. You still don’t know what they are doing. 

What are people doing?

It’s unlikely that you spend all day standing behind your team, checking what they’re doing, even when you are in the same location. You just let them work.

You may see them sitting at their desk, but that doesn’t mean that you know what they are doing. 

Nor does it necessarily matter. 

Doing is good. 

People do things, hopefully, pretty much all day when they work for you. 

The things they do are dictated by their job description and the feedback you give them.
“Doing” is good, and is the first step. 

Accomplishing is better

Those things that people do should accomplish something. That’s the whole point of “doing”. 

Knowing what your team is accomplishing is more important than knowing what they are doing. 

And your team knows what to accomplish if you have been clear about your mission statement and guiding principles.

Manage results

Don’t manage your people based on where they are sitting. 

Don’t even manage them based on what they do. 

Manage them based on the results they achieve. 

Guide your people with your mission statement, train them based on your guiding principles, and trust them to get the job done. 

What next

Do you know what everybody in your business is spending their time on? Let’s talk about it