Do you know what you are selling?

Nobody goes to a restaurant for scrambled eggs. 

It is both easier and faster to make scrambled eggs at home. 

People go to a restaurant for everything else: the atmosphere, the service, not having to do the dishes. 

Chances are: your profession has a DIY option too. 

What makes the difference to buyers between DIY and hiring an expert? It is the experience they get in working with you.

Why you are better than the DIY option

Well, why are you better than the DIY option?

Let’s consider this using the restaurant analogy. 

What is it like to “walk into” your place of business? Even if you don’t meet your clients in your office, you make a first impression and set a mood. That is the same as walking into a restaurant. 

How do you make your customers comfortable? How do you make sure that they have everything they need?

When your clients order from you, how do you make it easy for them, and how do you allow them to customize based on their preferences?

What work are you taking off their plate? Not just the project you do, but all the surrounding elements, like cooking, washing dishes, preparing the table, and more. 

What is that secret ingredient you put into things that makes customers take a taste and think, “this is better than what I can do at home on my own”?

Be like your favorite restaurant

If you just “do the thing,” then you are only one step removed from the DIY option. 

Your business strategy should be trying to move you as far away from that option as possible. 

How can you be more like your favorite restaurant?

Know what you sell

Be deliberate about all elements of what you sell. 

Answer all the questions above and any more that come to mind. Use those answers to build your whole customer experience plan, from the first contact with a customer through the completion of a project. 

Always know what you offer, above and beyond doing “the thing”. 

What next?

Are you struggling to define that secret ingredient? Contact me for training on how to position your business and get many more loyal clients.