Winning over investors: how to prove you are the best person to run your business ๐Ÿ™‚ (6/6)

The last section Forbes wants you to add to your investor presentation is the โ€œwhoโ€ section: the explanation of who is going to bring this great idea to fruition. 

And although it is at the end, this section can make or break your presentation. See, investors are investing in two things:

  1. Your idea
  2. You

And the real deal-breaker is you. You andโ€ฆย 

Your decisions

An investor has to trust that you will make the right decisions for your business. 

The right decisions about what you should do in any scenario. 

The right decisions about how to run the business. 

The right decisions about hiring employees and future decision-makers. 

Your principles

And your decisions are driven by your principles. 

A principle is (as per Merriam-Webster) โ€œa rule or code of conductโ€. 

These rules and codes of conduct are what you use – consciously or not – to make decisions. The better you can acknowledge your principles, the clearer you can be about who you are as a leader. 

Your guidance

You write the mission. And you are responsible for driving the mission forward. 

When you apply principles to make decisions, you are issuing guidance on what should happen next in your business. 

Your guiding principles

That’s why business plans need guiding principles.ย 

Your guiding principles will tell the world (and fictitious or real investors) who you are, how you operate, and how you will run your business. 

What next

What three words do you wish people used right now to describe your business? Letโ€™s talk about a Happy Employees consulting project and make that wish a reality.