Stop punishing your best employees (😕yes you are)

Much like children or grandchildren: of course, you don’t have a favorite employee. 

You support them all equally and appreciate each one for their individual skills and talents. 

Now that we have established that, let’s look at how you are punishing your favorite employees. 

Who is your best employee

There is somebody who is always completely reliable. They get the work done and they do it right. 

But it’s more. This is somebody you like to work with, somebody who understands you, somebody who makes everything easy. 

It’s the first person you think of when you need something done. 

Why you are hurting them

And so that’s the person you call. 

Every time. Over and over. That way you know the best person is on the job. 

But for them? It means more and more work. And then more work. Which will eventually turn into resentment: why are they the ones being overworked and overburdened, when all they have ever done was to be a great employee? 

Not to mention the resentment of your other employees: why are they never called, relied upon, or trusted with any significant projects?

Don’t play favorites

Avoid all these problems with a proper organizational chart. 

  1. Determine the role needed in your business
  2. Write down the responsibility of that role
  3. Decide how you will measure the success of the role
  • And then assign work based only on the role that the person holds. 

What next

Are you at risk of losing your best employees? Schedule a 30-minute call with me to review what your risks are.