Productivity & Profit: why delegating is good for your business

Delegating. It sounds so simple. 

You’re too busy, you ask somebody else to do some of the work you are doing, and now you are less busy and everything is getting done. 

But delegation is much more than that. 

Delegation is business management: it is an important part of business decision-making and is necessary for you to grow and improve your business. 

Delegating benefits you

Yes: one perk of delegating work is that you no longer have to do that work, meaning you have freed up a certain amount of time (which no doubt is quickly filled with other work). 

But doing less is more than just freeing up time. It also means you have less on your mind (and if you are still worried about the work you delegated, then you didn’t do it right). 

And that extra time you get back? It’s not just about time, it’s about effort. You should only be doing the things that only you do best. 

Delegating benefits your business

In fact, everybody should be doing the things that they do best. 

We know that people want to do work that challenges them and develops their skills. Delegation means assigning work to the people best suited to do that work and to learn from it. Giving those people responsibility over an area of your business also means allowing them to develop that area, which brings innovation and improvements.

Delegating benefits your employees

Once you have assigned them a new responsibility, you want to make sure they are properly trained. Giving them new work means developing their skills and professionalism to be able to take it over and be new leaders. 

Show your employees that you trust them by giving them that opportunity

Delegation is business management

Delegating isn’t about tasks: delegating is about responsibility. 

Decide what you should and should not be doing in your business. And then delegate to the right people, giving them authority over their area of work. 

What next

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