What you now know about… Everything 😀

Your business does not exist in isolation. 

You now know some of the most common service providers you’ll work with in your business.

Most importantly, you know that working with any service provider always comes down to one thing:

That one thing. 

Know one thing

Your business service provider wants to know one thing: what are your goals?

They want to know about your business, and about your expectations. 

So talk to them about your business and your expectations. 

Don’t worry about telling your lawyer about the law, or your website manager about websites, or your graphic designer about design, and so on. 

Tell them about your business, and let them then turn that information into contracts, a website, a logo, etc. 

What to know

In all the previous conversations with different providers, there was always one core piece of information that they needed to begin with. 

The scope of your work and deliverables. 

Your goals as a business. 

Your preferred call to action for new prospects. 

Your unique feature or differentiation. 

How to know

Make the most of all these services and all these great minds by bringing them your business essentials.

Yours truly, your small business management consultant, is a service provider who does that.

What next

An operational plan covers the details you need to move forward. My $3500 Happy Employees consulting package will put in writing

  • Why you exist as a business
  • What makes you different from others out there
  • Your business goals and expectations
  • How you work and with whom you work

Contact me to find out more and to get started.