The magic happens inside the box: innovate to grow your business 🔄(6/6)


The magic, as we have seen, happens inside the box. 

Innovation works best when it uses tools already available, allowing adaptation and evolution over time.

Just like Shakespeare changed existing words to create new ones, let your business change existing ideas to create new success. 

Innovation is internal

Your employees are your greatest innovation tool. Summarizing everything we have discussed on how to maximize their creativity, remember to:

  1. Set them on a mission, and have them question each step
  2. To let them build their future jobs
  3. In a way that benefits your clients
  4. Working in a creative environment
  5. And encouraging creativity

Innovation brings growth

Your business grows when you find new ways to do things.

You will see increases in 

  1. Competitiveness. You can’t control new market entrants or external forces, but you can control your improvements and how you serve clients. 
  2. Clients. You will always have something interesting to show them. 
  3. Employee happiness. People want to develop their skills and see their work evolve. 
  4. Efficiency. You will always find better ways to do what you have to do. 

Innovation is control

Alan Kay, computer scientist and 2003 Turing Award winner, said it best:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Innovation – continuous improvement – is what gives you control in a world of constant change. 

What next

Want a simple place to start? Build your organizational chart. Defining roles is Step 1 to everything else. Arrange a call to discuss my Happy Employees consulting package for this work.