The Glue Your Business Needs Every Day

What has to happen in your business? 

When people think of business functions, they tend to list marketing, sales, finance, human resources, maybe production as well. 

However you make your list, there is one fundamental business function that ties all the rest together; the glue that makes it work, if you will. 


Collaborate more

All these business functions use their expertise and tools to add to business success and help achieve goals. 

But only if they are working together. 

Each part of a business will do work that somehow affects another part. And each part of the business will learn information that will make another part more effective. 

Keeping all business functions communicating, connected, and collaborative is the function of management. 

Measure more

Every day we decide what to do and how to work based on what we think will produce the best results. 

That decision is based on the results we have seen so far. 

For your business to keep performing and making decisions, you have to know what works, what needs to change, and how the business is progressing as a whole. 

Tracking success and outcomes against the business performance is the function of management. 

Plan more

Business departments depend on a series of objectives, activities, and goals: a plan for the business. A business plan, you could say. 

Why does marketing need to exist at all? What do you expect from your financial operations? What do you think of human resources? 

Without a plan, you can’t answer these questions. And without answers to these questions, you can’t run each business function. 

Planning a model of operation so everybody knows why they are there is the function of management. 

Glue more

A business starts with an idea. 

When those ideas start to become actions and activities, management has already come into play. 

As your business grows, don’t let the different areas come apart. Glue them together with a proper management plan. 

Need to improve management functions in your business? Get in touch and let’s talk about what’s on your mind.