3 simple questions to write your best annual goals (2/5) ☝️

What if I told you 90% of senior executives don’t reach their strategic goals annually? That’s what research from The Economist Intelligence Unit has shown

They say it’s because of flawed implementation.

But it’s hard to do good work on a goal if the goal is wrong to begin with. 

Much too often I see annual goals that are

  • Too vague 
  • Too far fetched
  • Too siloed
  • Too simple

Make goal setting easy: ask yourself three questions. 

What will I continue doing?

Some things are working well. 

Some things are working extremely well. 

Annual planning isn’t just about what will change. Annual planning is about what the business has to do next year. 

Some of that is more of what you are already doing. 

What will I improve?

This question is the essence of change. 

Don’t start from scratch, start with what you’re already doing, and ask yourself: what could I be doing better? 

This step alone – avoiding the blank page – will overcome many of the problems most people have when writing goals. 

What will I do that is new?

This is the only appropriate moment to ask yourself this question. 


Because what you decide now will be more practical. When you know what you want your business to do, it’s easier to put any new ideas into a realistic context of what can be done and what will add the most value. 

What next

Plan for your year, but do it properly. Contact me to discuss a $950 annual planning workshop for your business.