Yes, business person: your work is creative

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

I am talking to you, the accountant. And you, the attorney. I am talking to you: the realtor, the banker, the writer, and the art hanger. 

Everybody reading this, all of our work is creative. 

It is the core idea in my interview on Jessica Matthews’ How I Create Me podcast

Creativity is transformation

When a musician writes a great piece of music, they are not inventing new notes. The notes were all already there. The musician simply uses them in a new way: transforming them anew. 

When you are applying your skill, you, too, are transforming something. You are creating a solution, or a product, or an agreement, or a report, etc. by taking what was there before, adding your skill, and producing something different. 

If there were no transformation, then your clients would neither hire you nor pay you. 

Creative work

And that is what creativity is. That transformation. Creativity is any application of skill. 

What do you transform?

How do you make changes in your clients’ businesses and lives? 

What is different after you have finished?

How do you use creativity in your everyday work?

What next

Click on the link to listen to the podcast. Keep this window open and when you are done, come back here and let me know how you think of creativity and being “different”.