Yes, business person: your work is creative

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

I am talking to you, the accountant. And you, the attorney. I am talking to you: the realtor, the banker, the writer, and the art hanger.  Everybody reading this, all of our work is creative.  It is the core idea in my interview on Jessica Matthews’ How I Create Me podcast.  Creativity is transformation When…

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Rebecca G. Brizi joins “How’s Your ePresence?” with Mark Galvin

Mark and I had a terrific chat for his podcast How’s Your ePresence. We covered it all: Why strategizing upstream will make marketing more effective What does it mean to bring diversity of thought into the workplace Let’s re-frame how we “fail” and “succeed” How does consistency make a business more effective See the video…

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My Interview at How’s Your ePresence

Many thanks to Mark Galvin of ePresence and the great team at Business RadioX Gwinnett for having me on this afternoon’s show. Mark’s show is about social media and online presence, so today we talked about the work that should happen first, to make your messaging successful online.  Build out your business profile and strategy: let that…

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My Interview at Business Radio X

What does Italian food have to do with business strategy? Are pens better than pencils? Are questions better than answers? Just a few of the topics covered this morning in my interview with Business Radio X Gwinnett. Hear my interview here or go straight to the page (link above) to see the full profile and…

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Podcast: Business Planning with Rebecca Brizi

A big thanks to Ryan Williams and the team at Websuasion for having me on your podcast: Websuasion Conversation. See the page with the podcast here, and subscribe to the podcast or find it on your preferred podcast app.  And get a preview with the short videos on the Websuasion YouTube page:

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Quoted: How to Make Better Business Decisions

Learn the Lessons

I am delighted to feature once again in the NCR Silver blog, courtesy of a writer Meg Hall. How to Make Better Business Decisions Seeing my online course: Effective Decision Making in Business, Meg and I had an exchange about how business owners and leaders can make their decisions impactful for the long term. Click…

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Rescue a CEO – Entrepreneurial Tips

Rescue a CEO is a blog operating under the CEO Blog Nation umbrella, and I am delighted to have been featured as one of their 25 Entrepreneurs Sharing Business Tips. See number 17 on the page.

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Quoted: 10 Business Buzzwords It’s Time to Retire

(Photo: Gustavo Frazao/Shutterstock)

A big thank you to Meg Hall of Creative Kitsune and NCR Silver for using me as a source for their blog post: 10 Business Buzzwords It’s Time to Retire Following on my series of blog posts on effective messaging towards problem solving, and my ongoing series on buzzwords to avoid, Meg called me up…

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