Best of 2020

That’s right: this is a summary post. 

The best of the year from my blog posts, YouTube videos, and products. 

Blog Posts

The four most popular posts of the year touch on all the main topics: keeping happy and productive employees, trusting your clients, (not) offering discounts, and, of course, remote working. 

The only two things your employees must know. Make employee onboarding simple and make it productive. 

The problem with offering discounts. A recap on why you do it, followed by why you shouldn’t. 

Yes, your clients know what they want. Trust your clients to tell you about their aspirations. You focus on making them come true. 

Four simple rules for successful remote teams. 2020 made this a hot topic: now you know remote work is possible and that it may even expand your hiring options. Here’s how to make it successful. 

YouTube Videos

My channel started as a resource for other freelancers and has since expanded into a continuation of my consulting, though with a slant towards the founders, starters, solopreneurs, and owners of the world. Here is what viewers enjoyed the most this year. 

Focus on problems. Part of my Unmotivational series, in this video I talk about why to be successful, the problems you encounter matter more than your goals. 

How to write good website content. No, I’m not a writing expert. But yes: I am a jargon-removal expert. How to remove it all from your content. 

Why you shouldn’t treat clients like family. Spoiler alert: you don’t have a commercial relationship with your family. 

More on following your passion. Or why it is the worst advice there is. 


You will see new pages on my website and my full list of products, including:

  • Consulting, as you would expect it
  • Training, to build a value proposition and a program on building organizational structure
  • Online Courses, with much more to come in 2021
  • And my book: Phrases for business success.