Online Courses

Learn on your own time: my online courses will give both training on a concept and instruction on building the plan. When you need to work on your own time, with straightforward learning objectives, then the online course option is a great place to start. 

Each course will offer:

  • A pre-game section to ensure you have all the resources and pre-work you need to make the most of the course
  • A collection of resources including video presentations, worksheets, and PDF summaries
  • A final project, so you can act on your new knowledge and implement improvements right away. 

Once you have completed a course, use your final project to plan the changes you want to bring to your business. 

Looking for some guidance on next steps after you have complete the course?

Book a one-off consultation with me to review your final project and plan your business changes.

Contact me to schedule a 90 minute meeting. Pricing: $550.-

How many meetings do you have in a week? How many conversations at somebody's desk, phone calls to catch up on something, quick discussions by the water cooler?

This course is your step by step guide to:

  • Determine when a meeting should happen, versus when a memo will do
  • Ensure your team members arrive prepared and ready to work
  • Increase the productivity of your meetings, while reducing the time you spend in meetings

Get started with Better Company Meetings.

The number one factor in destroying value in companies is bad decision making. What happens if you fix something over here, and it ends up ruining something else over there?

In this course, we will review some of the most popular methods and models for making business decisions. You will learn

  • How to examine the interdependencies of decisions in business
  • How to objectively define "pros" and "cons"
  • How to analyse possible outcomes

Get started with Decision Making Models

When a new prospect buys from you, they are considering three things: your product, your price, and your service. Do you know which of these three is most important to buyers nowadays?

It is service.

This course will

  • Explain the necessary areas of a customer experience
  • Teach you to build a customer communication plan
  • Make your business truly customer-centric

Get started with Customer Experience Design Essentials


Master Your Meetings 1-2
SS Decision Making Models-2
CX Skillshare Course