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Find your best clients

Is every one of your clients an example of your best client?

Describe, attract, and work with your best clients every day by building a customer profile you can rely on.

Use the work in this course to:

  • Determine your best audience
  • Build a targeted sales process
  • Increase your customer loyalty

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Balance in Business

Somewhere between and Kodak you will find the successful, well-balanced business.

Improve your understanding of risks and opportunities in business. With this course you will:

  • Understand the nature of losses in business
  • Learn how to analyze plans and budgets against expected results
  • Create a business plan with confidence for the future

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How to have better meetings

How do you keep your team interacting, keep communication flowing, encourage discussion and ideas, without causing death by meeting?

This course is your step by step guide to:

  • Determine when a meeting should happen, versus when a memo will do
  • Ensure your team members arrive prepared and ready to work
  • Increase the productivity of your meetings, while reducing the time you spend in meetings

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Improve Your Decision Making

The number one factor in destroying value in companies is bad decision making.

Improve your problem solving skills by understanding key models and understand:

  • How to examine interconnectivity of decisions in business
  • How to quantify a qualitative analysis
  • How to analyze possible outcomes

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Keep customers for life

You don't just want customers: you want customers for life.

To get that, your customers have to love working with you. And you will get that, with a great customer experience plan. In this course you will learn:

  • How to balance customer support and customer service
  • How to deliver a great service
  • And some key tactics to use in your plan

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