Received tailored training: my 1:1 workshops are customized to your business and give the guidance you need to build your value proposition or organizational structure. The content is tailored to your needs, and always includes:

  • Three meetings
  • A mixture of presentation, activities and follow up assignments
  • A final report on all our work together with the project deliverable.

These take place over the course of 8-12 weeks. 

Contact me to discuss a training program on your

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Organisational Structure

Or other topics you need.


$2760.-. Of this amount, $500 will be invoiced at signing, and the rest after the second workshop

6-10 weeks, depending on scheduling of meetings.

These training sessions are provided to your company alone, for either the individual business owner or group of managers. The module follows Google guidelines and adds FAQ schema.

Based on our initial discussion I will prepare training material and assignments. In our meetings we will review and discuss the training material and begin the assignment work together. You will then complete the assignments and receive a final report from me.

We both are. The training module is structured to give you the instruction while we build the plan, so you are equipped to implement any changes we decide.

Whether you have any questions or know exactly what you need, please feel free to contact me anytime!

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