Why it’s all about the benefits: features work, benefits sell ❗️(1/5)

Nobody has ever bought a Coca-Cola because it is carbonated, dark, sweet, liquid, made from a mix of flavors, has a red and white logo, or is sold in over 200 countries. 

People buy Coca-Cola because it is refreshing, tasty, and has a popular or nostalgic appeal.

People buy Coca-Cola because of its benefits. 

And your clients buy your services because of the benefits you offer, not the features. 

What is a benefit?

List everything you know about your business. For each item on the list ask yourself: so what?

Those are your benefits. 

A feature is any fact about your business. 

A benefit is why anybody should care about that fact. 

Why benefits matter

Benefits are what you should be talking about. 

Benefits sell the need: they explain to a person why they should be interested in your product or service. 

Knowing benefits – or knowing why people need your service – is the first step in any buying decision. They can’t ask you for your service if they don’t even know that they need it. 

Find your benefits

Your work offers business benefits, it offers technical benefits, and it also offers personal benefits to each of its clients. 

To explain these three categories, a Small Business Trends article from 2016 offers a list of 5 key benefits every business must provide:

  1. Pleasure → a personal benefit
  2. Increased profit → a business benefit
  3. Ease → a technical benefit
  4. Pain relief → also a technical benefit
  5. Saving money → another business benefit

Over the coming weeks, we will cover each in detail. 

What next

List the benefits that your business offers, and as we cover each one in the next 4 posts, update your list. Make sure you are subscribed to get these right in your inbox.