3 key business skills, part 2: Marketing

It is also essential to let the world know about your business.

Your marketing should do more than just announce your presence.

It should “attract” customers

It’s about finding your market and being there, building strong and long-lasting relationships. 

Take your marketing in 3 stages. 

They need to know they need you

Start by making sure potential buyers understand why they need your product or service. 

The conversation has to be all about them, not about you or your product.

For this stage, I like to run an exercise with my clients in which I have them explain their business without using any jargon of their business. 

Try it out yourself right now. 

They need to know you exist

Make a good first impression. 

It matters to us as individuals: the first impression we make. Before somebody gets the chance to know us deeply, they form an opinion based on how we present ourselves, how we greet them, and how we create that first connection. 

What impression does your “store” make? 

They need to know how you work

Once you get to this stage, they know what you do. Let them know exactly how. 

Tell them about your product, and tell them about the experience of working with you. 

People want to know that by choosing you, they are not only getting the quality they want but also the experience they want. 

What next

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