Hello client, I’d like you to meet my value proposition.

You have your secret ingredient now, and you know why the scrambled eggs you offer your clients are worth going out for.  

That is half of your work complete. 

Because your restaurant (or whatever service you offer) is only as good as your clients decide it is. 

Now, to attract those clients whose favorite flavor is your secret ingredient. 

What comes first: your client?

Well, yes, of course. 

Value is in the eye of the beholder. So it makes sense to start with the client. 

What do your clients value? What are their preferences? What do they want to see and do? 

What comes first: your value proposition?

On the other hand, you can only offer what you can offer. 

Your service and experience have to fit in with your resources, your capabilities, your experience, and your company culture. 

So perhaps it makes sense to start with your value proposition?

Make them work together

Let the two collaborate. 

Your clients and your value proposition should form a partnership. 

Write down what you do and why you are good at it. 

Then write down what your client is trying to accomplish and how they want that to happen. 

And now combine the two into a single narrative. 

What next?

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