Give the people what they want: the power of personal benefits 🎁 (2/5)

Humans are rational beings. 

But not too much. 

Around 95% of our buying decisions happen in the subconscious mind, not the conscious, logical mind, according to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman. 

There is a scientific reason: our subconscious mind can process volumes more data than our conscious mind, so while we think we are considering 3-4 buying criteria, we are flipping through hundreds more without realizing it

In other words: people buy emotionally. So give them something to get emotional about.

Buying emotionally

I’m starting this series with the benefit of “pleasure”.

“Whenever someone wants something, but doesn’t necessarily need it, the desire for pleasure is usually the motivation behind it.”

There’s always something the buyer wants but doesn’t necessarily need, even with a business purchase.

Look for a personal benefit to the person. This isn’t about the business results you can produce for them: this is about their personal satisfaction. 

Personal benefits

So what do the people want?

What might this person be able to do, beyond day-to-day work, as a result of working with you? Do they hope for:

  • Less work? Will they be able to stop working on weekends, make it to their kid’s sports game or recital, or stop having to come to work at 6 AM each day?
  • More work? Are they hoping for a more hands-on project or the opportunity to show their skills?
  • A promotion? Is this their chance to show off their managerial or decision-making abilities?
  • Recognition? Will this be the initiative that gets them praise from the boardroom, or the “employee of the month” plaque?
  • Fame? Does this project put them in the running for an industry award or allow them more exposure?
  • Support? Are they looking for more training and resources to be able to do their job better? 

Personal is powerful

Personal benefits go third in the list of Business, Technical, and Personal. When a business is buying, you have to show the business and technical value first.  

But. Not every business takes the time to highlight how their service can offer personal benefits. 

When you do, you stand out. 

What next

What is the personal benefit a buyer may get from working with you, directly or indirectly? Let’s review yours together, and schedule a free 30-minute call