Be The Best Option

People have options in life.

Whenever you buy a product or service, you choose what to buy, based on the issue you want resolved.

Your clients are the same, they have choices. You may know that you are the best and obvious choice for them, but here’s the problem: all of your competitors know that too. Except they know that they are the best and obvious choice.

Not to mention your non-competitors who still know they can solve your clients’ problems.

What’s a business to do? How can you ensure that you truly are the best option?

Understand the problem

First of all, you must understand the problem as the client perceives it.

We have talked before about how people buy what they want to buy, rather than what they need to buy. Your technical expertise may give you greater insight into the client issue you resolve, but if the client himself does not see it, you will not convert the sale.

Your job is to let your client know how their life will improve as a result of working with you.

Understand the solution

Not just your own, but all options available to your audience.

Remember, there are four different competition categories against which you compete for each transaction. The better you understand what your clients are evaluating, the better you can position yourself as the solution they need.

Be the best option

Now you have the information you require to position yourself as the best possible option to your client.

Never assume that where there is a need, you are the obvious solution. Showing up does not do the job.

Instead focus on always being the best option available, rather than one of the options available, and your clients will respond to your efforts with commissions.