Write job roles, not job titles

What has to happen in your business?

This is an easy one. 

Sales, marketing, human resources, finance, and let’s add legal and customer service. To begin with, anyway. 

Here’s the catch: imagine you hire a new marketing employee. And you tell this person to “do marketing”. 

What are they doing all day? Is it what you want them to do? 

It’s impossible to know. 

Roles are more than a title

To manage your business without micromanaging your people, assign roles instead of job titles. 

Figure out everything that has to happen in your business by using full sentences. 

Try to replace “sales” with 

  • Finding new clients that match our ideal customer description
  • Increasing frequency of purchase from current clients
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Connecting with targets in chosen new markets

Think about which one is easier to manage: the single word, or the full sentence description. 

Write all your roles

Now you try. 

Write out everything that has to happen in your business. Don’t worry about whether it is sales, marketing, or anything else. Think only about what is necessary for your business to succeed. 

When you want to write job descriptions, performance reviews, and especially your organization chart: start with these full sentences. 

Roles are based on what has to get done in a business, and will move you from managing people, to managing success. 

Work with me to build your organizational chart and structure.