Why you don’t want to sell quality

Look through the language you use to talk about your business. 

Consider your website, your pitches, your business cards, your brochures, the way you introduce yourself at events and in interviews. 

Now review all that language asking yourself a single question: what’s the alternative?

“Quality” is not a quality message

Words matter: use the right ones.

Imagine that you are about to hire an attorney, and suddenly they say to you: “And I have never been found guilty of a crime!”

What do you do?

You will probably pause and start to assume that this lawyer is, in fact, guilty of a crime. Because … why would they raise it? 

Quality is like that. What is the alternative? Could you be talking about the low quality of your work?

Surely you offer high quality. Why else would you be in business? 

Be specific. What is your “quality”?

As you review the language you are using – as per the beginning of this post – start to highlight broad, obvious promises.

Replace these with a full sentence. 

What is quality to you?

Do the same for your non-specific adjectives. Where you talk about speed, premier, consultative, strategic, perfection, and also the very “help”, replace those all with a sentence that is specific and objective. Make a promise that is specific to you. 

Phrases for Business Success

Do you know what your true differentiator is? Do your clients know?

Learn to be specific with the words you use: see the activities in my book: